Would you like the webtask.io
experience in your SaaS?

Embed the webtask editor in your SaaS platform and empower your users with code based extensibility.

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Extend is a multi-tenant, embedded webtask.io experience for enabling customization and integration
of your SaaS using Node.js

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How is Extend different from webtask.io?

Embedded And White-Labeled

Embedded and white-labeled

Extend comes with a white-labeled Extend Editor you can embed directly into your SaaS and style to create a seamless extensibility experience for your users.



Extend Starter and Enterprise plans provide a multi-tenant, serverless runtime that allows you to securely isolate execution of extensions implemented by your users.

Scalable And Customizable

Scalable and customizable

Extend Enterprise supports dedicated deployments for companies needing utmost protection against code corruption.

Enterprise support and SLA

Extend comes with enterprise support options and SLA backed by Auth0.

Why Extend

Extend enables your customers and internal teams to rapidly customize and extend your SaaS, without having to modify the product, and without incurring the development, hosting and management overhead of handling webhooks.


Extend made it easy for us to create a great experience that lets users run custom code in a super lightweight way.

Extend takes the burden of integrations off of our customers reducing a month long development cycle to a 15 minute coding exercise.

Extend helped us deliver an amazing serverless addon to our integration platform with no hassle.

At Graphcool we care deeply about good levels of abstractions. Extend masters this with a brilliantly simple middleware architecture.

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