Today, I am excited to share an interesting Extend use case from our customer Wonderware. Using Extend, Wonderware is able to accelerate time to market and allow more flexibility within their IoT product. Let’s take a look at how Wonderware accomplishes this.

Wonderware is a subsidiary of Aveva, a global leader in industrial software. The company is a market leader in HMI SCADA, industrial information, operations management and industrial automation software. In a recent blog post, Wonderware wrote about their use of Extend for their Insight solution, which collects, stores, visualizes, and analyzes industrial data for smarter business decision making. The blog showcases a real-life example about how Wonderware leveraged Extend to track the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht race.

In Wonderware’s own words:

Ocean-going yachts are fitted with a lot of sophisticated equipment, ranging from industrial alarm, monitoring and control systems, through to IoT devices for measuring humidity and temperature, and even safety devices transmitting regular GPS coordinates. So this exercise needed to not only consolidate information from multiple systems - some in unusual formats - but cope with late-arriving and intermittent data due to the yachts being miles out to sea.

We were able to use the Extend editor within Insight to import data from some of these unusual data sources e.g. XML/RSS feeds and data from wearables, and transform it into something that could be displayed alongside the more traditional industrial sources.

Essentially, Extend enabled Wonderware to aggregate the data from a large set of devices and industrial equipment, cleanse it, and then repurpose it in such a way that it could be easily digested and displayed. This allowed Wonderware to track the progress of the race in near real-time. Check out the screenshots from the blog post to see what they were able to do!

Grace OMalley Dashboard

While this may sound complex on the surface and would seemingly require months of engineering time, Extend simplifies the process to a quick coding exercise. Once the Extend editor was embedded into Insight (see below), the Wonderware team was able to write and then run JavaScript code before the uploaded data was processed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Raw equipment data is sent from the yachts to Wonderware.
  2. Wonderware forwards the data to Extend for normalization, cleansing, and data enrichment.
  3. The processed data is returned to Wonderware for use in the dashboard.

In a matter of hours, they implemented the logic and ensured all incoming data was normalized such that it could be used to surface the insights contained in the Crew Dashboard.

1804 Extend Editor

Dave Sidery, the Solutions Architect for the Insight platform, says Extend allows them to add critical functionality to Insight for several of their key customers. He’s able to pull data from multiple IoT sensors and easily apply calculations. Dave says, “My experience with Extend has been awesome. I can get most things up and going within a half hour to an hour.”

My experience with Extend has been awesome. I can get most things up and going within a half hour to an hour. - Dave Sidery

This is not the only way in which the Wonderware team plans to leverage Extend within their Insight product. Going forward, they fully expect to offer their customers even more “power and flexibility,” because of what Extend now provides.

Wonderware’s usage of Extend for processing IoT data is just one example of how Extend enables our customers to deliver more value to their customers. Building a SaaS product that is easily extended opens up new opportunities for customizations and enables your SaaS to grow and adapt with your business.

If you have a SaaS product and are looking to more easily integrate it with the surrounding ecosystem and offer more customization through code to your end users, Extend can help. We enable your customers, partners, and internal teams to rapidly customize and extend your SaaS, without having to modify the product, and without incurring any extra development costs.

Don’t wait around–go Extend today!